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A Humorous Look at the Bright Side of Cancer... and There Is One

July 12, 2011

Breast Reconstruction – Take 32

Today is another momentous day for me.

Hopefully, I get the rest of my stitches out. I’m not sure about that “belly button” the doctor created for me. It looks pretty raw. (You would be, too, if you were poked over and over again with a needle).

I’m hobbling quietly around the house–it’s midnight, after all–trying to get everything ready for when my driver, Bobby, comes to pick me up at the (this week) ungodly hour of 8:30 a.m. We have to be at the doctor by 9:15.

My freshly laundered clothes are on the counter in the bathroom so I can reach them. Some bland food–graham crackers, pretzels, marshmallows and Mentos–to combat nausea is in my backpack. I have Tylenol on the kitchen counter to remind me to gobble a few of the suckers down with breakfast so it doesn’t hurt when the doctor starts poking around. My VitaMix blender is hanging out next to the Tylenol so I can make a protein shake in the morning and hopefully have enough energy to get through this momentous day.

A copy of Cancer Is A Funny Thing is in my backpack to give to my new friend, the plastic surgeon, the man responsible for all my current misery–I mean the doctor who performed my breast reconstruction. This is what the inscription says: “Dear Doctor ______, Thanks for the new boob and the flat tummy. You’ll be in Book Two. Marie de Haan.”


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4 thoughts on “Breast Reconstruction – Take 32

  1. Abel,

    Me like, too.

    You have to become an expert in all these important areas if you stand a chance of healing sometime before the summer is completely out!

    I want to do Oyster Dome again before fall; that’s my big goal anyway, but right now, it sounds like Mount Everest to me.

    When I make it from the couch to the bathroom to outside in the greenhouse to prune for a little while, (my favorite task in the garden), I count it a good day!

    I hope you’re enjoying your summer, wife, hiking, camping, and time away from school, Abel.

    Keep up the witty blog posts: you’re winning the Witty Contest Award – with the possible exception of Debbie Willer, of course.

    Hope to see you Sunday at church. It’s on my radar to make it there anyway.

    Maybe my brain will listen to me better Sunday morning than it did to me all day yesterday. Darn thing just wouldn’t listen to me. Severe lack of sleep, I reckon.


  2. Hope your brain is listening this morning–it would be great to see you there today.

    And I’m honored to be considered in the same consideration as the considerable wit of Deb Willer. I consider her to be one witty person!

  3. Abel,

    Hope you didn’t take it wrong this morning when I “made fun” of you enjoying Randall and Bonnie’s offertory. I meant it with great affection!

    It was truly beautiful, wasn’t it? I used to play that at the church before Bethany and it was my favorite. Funny how God works, eh?

    Looking forward to playing piano again with the band (and/or drums when George gets done with me).

    Take care.


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