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A Humorous Look at the Bright Side of Cancer... and There Is One

March 15, 2013

Sugar Sponsor Story #2

03_15_2013_cancer_funny_sugar“Hi, my name is Marie de Haan and I have fallen off the bandwagon.” This is what I would be forced to say if I actually made it to a Sugar-a-holics Anonymous meeting.

Thirty-four days; that was how long I managed to refrain from eating sugar.

Neither one of my sugar sponsors know yet. I wonder how long I can keep it a secret.


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6 thoughts on “Sugar Sponsor Story #2

  1. It was only a matter of time, sorry I wasn’t there to enjoy it with you!(some sugar sponsor) 34 days is a long time, least you know you can do it. Just don’t go stocking the fridge with Haagen Dazs galore, I’m still watching you.:)

  2. Bobby,

    CRAP. You caught me. I haven’t heard from Sugar Sponsor #2.

    Just so you know, I had a protein shake, pea soup, and chicken today (not all together, of course). I’m back to the old grind. I have to give a big presentation tomorrow at the University of Puget Sound and I figured I owed it to them to not be in a big food coma.

    Still watching me, eh? I better be more sneaky next time.


  3. Just wanted you to know I shot up a prayer for your presentation tomorrow! Marie, you are fun. You wrote the book so others could FIND a way to laugh at some horrible kind of hell. You have a lot to share! Wish I could be there to chuckle, because you always make me smile! Blessings! I will pray for you all day!

  4. Bon,

    Well. Could you start praying tonight already? Ha. I’m just kidding.

    Curiously, I’m not nervous at all. Two weeks ago, I did not know how to do PowerPoint and now, I am the PowerPoint Queen. I’m more “worried” about the long drive down there. Almost pulled Jonathan out of school to come with me, but figured it would be kind of awkward to have him in the room if I start talking about nipples or hot flashes.

    I will let you know how it goes.


  5. Dying to know how it went! I hope to call you to find out. But if I don’t, you’ll know I got lost in homeschool tornado or something of that order. Honestly, I prayed for you all day.

  6. Bon,

    It went great. I wasn’t nervous at all. I did talk a little too long (big surprise); actually, we had a lot of dialogue back and forth and that’s always great. It means people are actually interested in what you have to say.

    It amazes me how much cancer there is in the world and how gracefully so many people handle it.

    Hope you get out of your homeschoolling tornado soon. Are you taking a spring break?!

    Appreciate the prayers.


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