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A Humorous Look at the Bright Side of Cancer... and There Is One

February 18th, 2010

Exercising After A Mastectomy

Both the surgical oncologist and the naturopathic doctor yesterday gave me explicit instructions on the need for exercise; however, I don’t think they counted on the dog.

I got up well before noon for once, put my sweats on which was a feat in itself, located my iPod, and walked out the door. I wasn’t counting on the dumb dog either or I would have tied her up first. Before all you animal lovers get your undies in a bunch and think that I don’t give attention to our dog, you’re wrong. I play with her all the time, but when I go for a walk, I’m in another world and like to be alone.

Halfway up the driveway, Lexie (the dumb dog) followed me. “Lexie, stay.” Lexie stayed. For about two seconds. A few more steps. “Lexie, sit.” Lexie sat. For two more seconds. By this time, I wanted to club her ears but I couldn’t catch her. She’s in good shape, unlike me who is overweight and just had surgery a month ago.

She went flying all over the neighborhood doing who knows what while I fumed walking around my yard (admiring all the newly-weeded flowerbeds, but that’s beside the point). At least one of us got exercise this morning. But who’s laughing now? She’s tied up and I got my walk in after all.


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One thought on “Exercising After A Mastectomy

  1. point#1: the dog….. mine is the reason I keep walking every day…well almost every day….he sits by the kitchen window and stares in with soulful reproachful eyes until I move my butt out there. but I agree I prefer to be alone with my ipod…besides, i hate the little bag i have to carry, especially full….
    point #2: radiation = sunburn….read bad sunburn…but if the nerves are cut the pain’s not bad….and one doesn’t need a keeper to keep you on the straight and narrow….for me it was unbelievable freedom to be allowed to leave the house ALL BY MYSELF….. YAHOOO
    point#3: non compliant patient – I was determined to get my mobility back…..I don’t do piano, but the garden was a mess and you know…normality is so important..even if a part of you is missing..can that ever be normal?? end result? aspiration needle with no anesthetic..that is what they do with naughty non-compliant people…
    point#4: eyebrows…yes….my hairdresser keeps wanting to wax them…are you kidding me? i’ll take the mutant ones over the non existent ones
    point#5: love the blog and your cheerful spirit. keep the faith! before you know it 5 years will be here. call me sometime

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