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A Humorous Look at the Bright Side of Cancer... and There Is One

November 2nd, 2013

That’s Not Something You Write Every Day #2

Photo taken by Adriana deHaan

I was on Facebook again and this picture of my son, Jonathan, caught my eye. It was taken by his sister, Adriana.
I couldn’t help but write, “He got those skills from his mama.”
My brother-in-law, Wilf, responded, “Pole dancing looking good.”
Oops. “Uh… pole dancing… not sure he got those skills from his mama,” I wrote.
Wilf came back, “Children are imitators, Marie deHaan.”
My husband, Ken, joined the conversation: “I’m a lucky man.”
Jonathan, of course, couldn’t take it, and wrote, “Can we keep this clean?”
To which I had to reply, “Oh Jonathan, loosen up, my little grasshopper. Now that Michael deHaan [Jonathan’s brother] is out of the house and Adriana deHaan [above-mentioned sister] is on her way out the door to tour the globe, we just have you to “get rid of.” Then, me and Dad can run around the house naked all we want, poles or no poles.”


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