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February 26th, 2014

My Bucket List – Take 7


February 1, 2014 Photo by Dave Evans of Judd & Black
February 1, 2014
Photo by Dave Evans of Judd & Black

Just in case you thought I was spending all my time daydreaming about how I can meet Fran Drescher instead of working toward fulfilling my bucket list, let me assure you, I have been doing both at the same time.

The financing has been in place for months and months, the house plans are almost completed, and I have been shopping for stoves.

I’ve narrowed it down to the really expensive (four-burner) Wolf stove and the really, really expensive (six-burner) Wolf stove.

Back in 2012, I blogged about forgetting my expensive Keen hiking boots in a motel room. The next thing I knew, I received $150 cash in the mail from a benefactor. I’ve been writing him letters ever since, even though I still don’t know who he is.

I wonder if I can be so lucky twice in one lifetime and find a benefactor to buy me my Wolf stove….

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4 thoughts on “My Bucket List – Take 7

  1. Holy cow, Marie! I think the BUTTONS on that stove are bigger than your current kitchen!

    Just sayin’…


  2. Bon,

    I think you are right. They are huge.

    My friend, Greta, got the smaller Wolf model (four-burner) with the red knobs.

    I think when I order the above stove—if my new benefactor comes through—the knobs will be more neutral. I love red and everything (as is apparent by the last several blog posts: almost every picture shows me wearing red), but the red knobs may be too much.

    I’m all about neutral decorating and changing colors with the seasons by accenting with pillows, plates, and the like. :)


  3. Adriana,

    The person you should be talking to is Dad. My mind was made up the minute I saw this baby. I’ve tried explaining that it is on sale and very good quality. Not sure I’m going to make up your papa’s Dutch mind.


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