In my last really long, sad diatribe about my two nervous breakdowns, I failed to mention that in the midst of going to the church for help and going to various counselors all over the county, I’ve also had a great set of friends helping me through these difficult times.


© Marie deHaan

Today, Tami—I’ve talked about her in my book and in this blog way more than once—took me to lunch at Anthony’s where we had fish and chips and a good, long talk. Afterward, I made her wait in the car while I practically licked the sidewalk trying to take this picture of a helleborus plant in Anthony’s front flowerbed. (You may remember that Susie—another great friend, even though I’m allergic to her—and I just bought a few of these beautiful plants while we were killing time waiting for the results of my CT scan last week.)

When I came home, there was a card in the mail from another friend, Melanie, letting me know that she was thinking of me.

How do any of us do this thing called life survivorship? We have friends to help build us up. I can (gratefully) rattle off a long list of friends in no particular order: Jodi, Jenny, Melissa, Michelle, Laurie, Bobby, Rose, Andrea, Cate, Linda, Lynn, Lucy… the list goes on and on. Friends and members of our family… they are there to help us through the bad times, and thank heavens for that.