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A Humorous Look at the Bright Side of Cancer... and There Is One

December 10th, 2009

Jamie Lee Curtis?!

I had a Taxol infusion today and will have only two more. I had a lot of other good news today:

1. My liver is almost back to normal. It took a month, but, hey, I’m happy.

2. The chemotherapy drug, Herceptin, begins in January, will be every three weeks, and is supposed to be a piece of cake. I will not need weekly blood draws during this round, so I just might have a social life again with people other than nurses, as nice as they are.

3. Apparently, since I’ve had some grey peach fuzz grow in, I look like Jamie Lee Curtis.

Regarding the last comment, my best friend, Vern, drove me home from my chemotherapy appointment today and during a hot flash, I whipped my scarf off and was surprised when she gasped.

I thought, “Crap, I scared her. What kind of friend am I?”

Instead, I was shocked when she said, “You look just like Jamie Lee Curtis, Maria. You… I can’t believe… wow. You need to stop wearing scarves and walk around like that all the time. You look awesome.”

Like I said, she is my best friend and sometimes friends lie to make you feel better. Yeah, she’s not one of those kinds of friends. Tami is always brutally honest. One time, we were shopping for shirts and I modeled for her. She couldn’t concentrate on the shirt and piped up, “Maria, I love you and everything, but you need to hoist those sisters up.”

Now, it’s not every day that a person tells you that your boobs are sagging and you need to “hoist them up.” She’s a good friend and keeps me in line.

Will I run around now in public without a scarf or hat on? Don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet.


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2 thoughts on “Jamie Lee Curtis?!

  1. Do you get Jamie Lee’s biceps along with her hairstyle?

    Hard fashion decision–you do look stunning with the scarfs. But my husband would say “Be bald. Be proud.”

    Good news on the liver, btw.

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