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A Humorous Look at the Bright Side of Cancer... and There Is One

July 24, 2013

The Journey Project – Phase III

The band, Journey

I dialed the phone number I had been given.
“Hi, Jerry? This is Marie de Haan. I emailed you earlier today [January 17, 2013] about using that Journey song for my author video.”
“Hello, Marie. Yes, I got that email. Tell me exactly what you want to use the song for.”
“I have a cancer website and….”
Jerry cut in. “My mom died of breast cancer and I also had two aunts with the same disease.”
“I’m so sorry to hear that.” Man, cancer affects everyone. We discussed our experiences with cancer at length and then got back to the task at hand.
“You want to use the song for a video?” he prompted.
“Yes. I have a slideshow-type video that goes perfectly with the words of “After All These Years.” Listen, Jerry, I’m not going to lie to you. I know full well that only about three people in the world are going to see this video and they will most likely be related to me. I’m not exactly big potatoes.”
“Still, to get the proper licensing, I will have to contact my client, Jonathan Cain and—”
I started hyperventilating on the other end of the phone. Jonathan Cain? Did he just say Jonathan Cain? I knew who that was. He was one of the main songwriters of the band. I knew this because I had two Journey piano books in my repertoire and I used to play them all the time. Heck, I had even taught my Jonathan how to play “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” during his piano lessons.
I interrupted Jerry. “So, you’re the lawyer for Jonathan Cain. I know who that is. He’s the cute one.” Boy, that was a stupid thing to say. Here I am, 46 years old, happily married, and content with my life; not only am I gushing like a pathetic teenager, I just insinuated that the rest of the band is ugly. What is wrong with me?
Jerry laughed, but said nothing.
“Well, I’m sure they’re all cute,” I backpedaled. “You know what I mean.” Shut up, woman. You never know when to quit.
Jerry went on to explain that he would have to get permission from Jonathan Cain because he was the sole writer of the song “After All These Years.” He asked for my website address.
What? Jonathan Cain could be looking at the website of little old me? Gulp. “Thanks, Jerry. I appreciate all your help.”
This was going to cost me a fortune.

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