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A Humorous Look at the Bright Side of Cancer... and There Is One

September 19th, 2020

That’s Not Something That Happens Every Day #4

the author and her husband standing in front of field
September 12, 2020 – Mount Vernon, WA

I am leaving for Nashville in two days to have my song recorded and a music video made. I’m typing the words, but I can hardly believe them.

Several weeks ago, my husband and I were talking about the whole experience to come:

Me: “You realize that once this is all said and done, I might only sell one or two copies on iTunes, right?”

Ken: “Yep.”

Me: “This is going to cost us a lot of money.”

Ken: “Mer, you didn’t write the song to get rich. You wrote it to tell your story.”

Me: “I know that, but it could still sink us.”

Ken: “You’re going to Nashville, you’re recording the song and the video, and I also think that you should have the producer make an extended-play version.”

So Keith Urban isn’t going to sing my song like I want and I may only sell those one or two copies on iTunes, but how lucky am I to have a guy who believes in me this much?

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