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A Humorous Look at the Bright Side of Cancer... and There Is One

September 22, 2020

That’s Not Something That Happens Every Day #5

clipart of minion saying "woot woot"I just got my first fan gift—$20 in my Venmo account—with a note saying, “A special dessert for your special trip.”

Methinks there is a Häagen-Dazs in my near future. We know how I feel about that delicious stuff.

Tomorrow morning at 8:30, the (Grammy award-winning) violinist is meeting us at the recording studio.

Tomorrow afternoon, the vocalist is “laying down her track.”

Thursday night, we are filming the music video to go along with the song.

Friday morning, my husband will have to peel me off the ceiling.

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Marie de Haan

Marie de Haan
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