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A Humorous Look at the Bright Side of Cancer... and There Is One

March 29, 2010

That’s Not Something You Hear Every Day #5

Size GFriday’s prosthesis-shopping experience at Nordstrom’s was a huge success… size G, in fact. I didn’t know that bras came in that size.

In the dressing room, my friendly fitter had me remove my 12th bra. I took out the new prosthesis, handed it to my friend, and said, “Hey, Vern, can you hold my boob, please?” The dressing room next door was suddenly very quiet. Oops.


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4 thoughts on “That’s Not Something You Hear Every Day #5

  1. Carol,
    How are you enjoying the new boob? Is it easier to have it attached to your body rather than having to cart the old one around in a box when you’re not wearing it?!

  2. Still getting used to my new gal, although you’d think I would have known her well as she has been with me for a life time !!!!

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