No, I haven’t had anything to eat since 10:30 last night, nothing to drink (including Vodka) since 11:00, I haven’t shaved for two days, I refrained putting on deodorant this morning, I’m not wearing a bra, wrote “NOT THIS ONE” on my good breast, left my jewelry off, leaving my purse home, have no perfume on, have a zipper-jacket on… let’s see, what else did the doctors and nurses say to prepare for this momentous occasion?

I was walking into the kitchen trying to remember everything and thought, “Hey, they never said I couldn’t wear lipstick.”

Not two seconds later, my youngest son, Jonathan, gave me a hug, and then, out of all the things he could have said, asked, “Mommy, are you going to wear lipstick?”

Yep. Jane Iredale hot pink: Renee.