Jonathan moving out on his own October 4, 2015

Jonathan moving out on his own October 4, 2015

While my older son has been obsessing about boobies, my younger son has been obsessing about Russian women.

On February 28, I wrote the following update on Facebook:

“Got to play “Cornerstone” (one of my favorites) at Bethany Covenant this morning and worship with the Slavic Gospel Church afterward during their dedication service. I met the choir director and arranged to have the (amazing) youth choir sing at the upcoming “Celebration of Life” concert at Bethany Covenant on May 7. I also ate my first pirozhki and learned how to pronounce it properly from a nice Slavic girl. All in all, a good day, I’d say.”

The next day, I entered another update on Facebook:

I guess the Slavic church service made an impression on Jonathan DeHaan as well. Here is his plan (in his own words):

Step 1—Learn to speak Russian.
Step 2—Meet Russian girl.
Step 3—Marry said Russian girl.
Step 4—Have English/Russian-speaking children with an impeccable sense of fashion.
Step 5—Die a happy man.