Praising the LordJonathan house-sat for us while we were out partying with our new friends in Omak.
On our way home, I thought I would check in with him. “Be sure the animals are taken care of. Make sure my kitties don’t get killed,” I texted.
He replied, “Yes ma’am.”
“Good boy.”
“What time are you guys getting home?”
“Between 3:00 and 4:00,” I wrote, guessing. “Be sure to pick up all the beer bottles and broken furniture.”
“Well there’s too many beer bottles. I don’t know what to do with them.”
“Recycle.” Boy, I was being funny today.
“On a completely unrelated note, how do you get beer stains out of carpet?”
Suddenly, I realized what day it was. “Jonathan, are you in church texting about the devil’s juice?”
“Well when you put it that way….”
The talk turned to ice cream. “Just stopping in Winthrop,” I told him. “Want me to get you a cone?”
“We should do a one-nighter camping trip at Pearrygin sometime,” I volunteered.
“Or a week long trip.”
“I hope you know I’m being serious.”
“Okay, I’m seriously trying to praise the Lord right now.”