Planting nine quaking aspen trees with Ken (in the freezing cold).

April 3, 2015

Every year, I take pause to write a blog entry on the anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. Here is what I have done to mark time in the past:

4/3/2009: Diagnosis and road trip to California

4/3/2010: Vacation in Gleneden, Oregon

4/3/2011: Got me

4/3/2012: Hiking in the rain

4/3/2013: Shopping and breakfast with a friend: bought a redbud tree

4/3/2014: Spring break in Redmond, Oregon, with Ken and the boys

I’ve been enjoying my new kitchen, playing in a (church) band, teaching piano lessons, gardening my fool head off, editing, writing, and speaking to others about cancer. Sounds like a good life to me.

Today, I hung around home, content just to be alive. I planted nine quaking aspen and eight vine maples in the yard with Ken. I plan on sitting and gazing at those aspens when they reach eighty feet tall and taking pictures of the vine maples as they change colors every fall.