April 3, 2016: Photo by Jonathan deHaan

And once again, it’s that time of year where I pause to commemorate the day I was diagnosed with Stage III “locally-advanced” breast cancer.

4/3/2009: Diagnosis

4/3/2010: Vacation to Gleneden, Oregon

4/3/2011: Got me

4/3/2012: Hiking in the rain

4/3/2013: Shopping and breakfast

4/3/2014: Trip to Redmond, Oregon

4/3/2015: Tree-planting

I still can’t believe it. It’s been seven years since that fateful day. Seven.

This morning, I went to church and played piano with the praise band. After the service was over, Jonathan gave me a bouquet of red alstroemeria. He’s a good boy.

Jonathan and Ken and I ate ham, mashed potatoes, and corn for lunch. Michael came over later to eat leftovers. Skyped with Adriana (who is in Australia) for an hour and didn’t get disconnected once.

Nothing earth-shattering today to celebrate yet another year added to my life, not even a Häagen-Dazs Rocky Road ice cream which is usually my go-to for any celebration. However, I did dance through the kitchen today at one point yelling, “Yippee-ki-yay!” at the top of my lungs.