November 22, 2016–I finally left the house to get a haircut/color.

Dear Benefactor,

I’ve been a bad, bad girl. Not naughty so much, but I haven’t used the hiking boots you bought me for so long. I think the last hiking I did was the jaunt over the Bruce Trail on September 10.

Since then, the only “hiking” I’ve managed to do is every morning from my bed, through the kitchen for a quick breakfast of whatever protein shake I can get my hands on, and then to my office at the other end of the house.

While this commute is great for the stress level—no honking cars or hydroplaning—it’s not that great for the hips (or legs or stomach or butt). I’ve been sitting at my desk for hours on end preparing two manuscripts for the publisher.

I hardly make dinner any more, housecleaning has been put to the side (for the most part), and I only come out of my “hidey-hole” for trips to the bathroom, piano teaching two days per week, church on Sundays, volleyball on Monday nights, and the occasional trip to the mailbox.

I promise that as soon as my books come out (in January), I will get back into my hiking routine. You want to come with me? You could give me a stern talking-to about how it’s not healthy to sit for such long periods of time, especially if you’re trying to prevent a recurrence of cancer.

At least I’ve stayed away from the Texas Roadhouse. You know how I feel about that place. Now to stay away from the candy that I bought for my piano students as a reward for practicing.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.