03_23_2013_cancer_funny_bucket_list_patioRemember my bucket list that I made when I was first diagnosed with Stage III locally-advanced breast cancer?

1. Get my dream kitchen.
2. Publish a book. 
3. Go to Maui for our 20th anniversary.
4. Fit into my Oprah dress.
5. Get a patio set and concrete poured in the back yard.

On September 22, 2012, I gave you a short update

1. Someday.
2. Check.
3. Check.
4. Yeah, we’re not discussing this one.
5. Patio set… check. Concrete… prepping the ground as we speak.

Prepping the ground as we speak? Well, here’s a picture I took today when Ken (the contractor) showed up to give us some ideas on how to remodel our house. This picture shows that we’ve done bupkis over the fall and winter. I said in September that we were prepping the ground. Other than killing the grass, all we’ve done is wait… and move plants… and continue to dream about kitchens and barbeques and fun times to come with family and friends.