Rick, Chris, Ken, & Rich

Rick, Chris, Ken, & Rich

When I was first diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer, I narrowed down many of my life-long dreams into one short bucket list:

1. Get my dream kitchen.
2. Publish a book. 
3. Go to Maui for our 20th anniversary.
4. Fit into my Oprah dress.
5. Get a patio set and concrete poured in the back yard.

They say if you write goals down, they happen. It must be true:

1. Someday.
2. Check.
3. Check.
4. Yeah, we’re not discussing this one.
5. Patio set… check. Concrete… prepping the ground as we speak.

Recently, we refinanced our house in order to accomplish #5. In addition, we’re in the process of replacing all of the bedroom windows. Three out of the five windows had cracks in them or were being held together with duct tape. As useful as that stuff is, it is not attractive in plain view.

As to the hired help? It ain’t what it used to be…