Testing out my new sleeping bag in the backyard. Photo by Adriana deHaan

Benefactor! Benefactor! Benefactor! (Say that three times fast….)

I have some good news. I think.

You know how I was telling you that I wanted to try my hand at sleeping in the woods overnight?

I bought a new Mountain Hardwear backpacking sleeping bag at REI six days ago. I had a $20 coupon ready to expire, it was an “outlet item” (which means it was $110 off), and… well, I just finally made the plunge.

You know about my fear of bears, cougars, and pooping in the woods; I have a whole bunch of other fears I haven’t even told you about because I sound pathetic enough, so this is a huge, huge step for me.

I promise I’m not stoned in this picture even though I look like it. Hm. There’s an idea. Maybe I should toke up before I go. I won’t have any fear at all. Or memory, most likely. I guess that’s a bad idea. I want to be wide awake and alert so that I see the bear coming… uh… I mean… crap.

I can do this. I can do this.

I wish you could come along and protect me. Kind of hard for me to ask you to go when I don’t know who you are.