05_17_2013_cancer_funny_sugar_dieting_1I haven’t reported on my Marie/Maria Project for quite a while. I am happy to report that I am pretty much maintaining my weight loss of 20 pounds–give or take two pounds up or down–but, more importantly, I think my schizophrenia might be going away. Then again, in the picture below, I look like I’m not quite convinced I should be eating that maple bar. (Ah, to be young whipper-snappers like Hollie and Michaela and not have to worry about the size of one’s hips.) In the picture on the left, I just plain look excited to eat that silly thing.  05_17_2013_cancer_funny_sugar_dieting_2

I have come to the conclusion that I am done driving myself crazy with this diet. I am going to stay away from sugar for the most part because it just plain isn’t good for me, but if I happen to get my twice-a-year craving for a maple bar, I’m going to run with it and drive to The Donut House in Anacortes with whatever friends I can drag along with me and I’m not going to beat myself up for days over it.

I am going to continue to keep eating tons of fruits, vegetables, salads, nuts, seeds, and sprouts like I have been for the simple fact that I like them. For the rest of it? Life’s too dang short to sweat all these little details.