Hike to Clayton Beach on July 31, 2019

Dear Benefactor,

Guess what? I’m so excited. My mental block against hiking is over. Finally. I thought it would never end.

Remember? I told you all about my anxiety in Letter #45 when I let you know that I was hoping to conquer Cutthroat Trail. I made it all the way to the lake and back, only stopping once and that was when I was too chicken to cross the log dangling over the creek and had to be coaxed over by my hiking partner for about three minutes. At least there was no crying involved like the last time.

I’ve done two hikes since, right in a row. On July 30, I went up to the top of Fragrance Lake on my first try—usually it takes me at least three or four to work up the stamina to do it. Go me. Go me.

Where was I? Oh, throwing a little party for myself, I see.

I’m not gonna lie. This hike kicked my bahookie. According to my Fitbit, it was as if I had climbed 96 flights of stairs and my heart rate went up to 183 beats per minute and stayed there for 10 minutes. I finally forced myself to rest, because I didn’t want to have a heart attack right there in the woods. That would have put a damper on things, eh? (Like I was telling my friend, Fran Drescher, I’ve had a few heart issues in the past, so I wanted to be careful.)

I only dared stop for one minute. If I had stopped any longer, I would have taken a three-hour nap right there in the woods and my husband would not have been able to drag my ass back down the mountain.

On July 31, I did another easier hike, down to Clayton Beach.

I’m looking forward to telling you about more of my adventures.