05_24_2013_anniversary_cancer_funny_celebrationWell, I went to my oncologist last week. Like I’ve mentioned before, I was very nervous for this appointment because of some issues I’ve been having.
I sat in Dr. Hoffman’s office while Susie—my friend—sat out in the lobby waiting for me.
The nurse had just left, so I cleaned my purse, wrote down “eight pounds lost in the past six months” in my little notepad, stood up and paced his new office, and sat back down to nervously wait some more.
He finally came in. “Well, Marie, your mammogram test came back okay and your tumor marker test was fine, and—”
“Wait,” I interrupted. “The tumor marker test was fine?” I don’t know why I can’t get it through my thick noggin that I am still alive after all these years and not dead, like I thought I would be.
“Yes, in fact, some of your tumor marker numbers went down.”
“Are you sure?” What am I doing? Calling him a liar?
I can’t believe it. It must be all the sprouts, salad, protein shakes, and pea soup I’ve been eating.
“Tell me about some of these issues that you’ve been having,” he instructed me.
“Well, first of all,” I pointed to my chin, “I’ve had this sore on my face for over a month and it will not heal.”
“Stress doesn’t cause cancer, but it can cause skin problems.”
Next, I told him about the excruciating pain I had been having in my left hand thumb. I was convinced the cancer had spread to my bones.
Dr. Hoffman pointed to his own thumbs. “Arthritis generally starts here and here.”
“So, you’re saying I’m just getting old.”
“Uh… well…”
It’s been almost a week since that appointment. I’ve had a few friends call and email me in a panic, “What’s happening? Are you okay? Haven’t heard the results….”

Sorry to keep everyone hanging, but I was too busy:
a) being treated to a Grilled Club sandwich at Avenue Bread by Susie
b) enjoying Root Beer & Maple Walnut ice cream at Mallard’s with Susie
c) cheering Jonathan on at his basketball games
d) celebrating at Mexico Café with Ken
e) eating Haagen-Dazs Rocky Road ice cream with Ken
f) working out in the flower beds
g) attending a family reunion at my Uncle Sid & Aunt Alice’s house

Hush-a-kree’-ness, that’s a lot of celebrating. And eating. And living life to the fullest.