One of the many flowerbeds I've been working on during my hyperactive thyroid episode

One of the many flowerbeds I’ve been working on. I just planted that weeping beech (all my myself).

Dear Fran,

How are you, girl? I tell you, it’s been a crazy ride over here in DeHaan Land lately. Two months since I last blogged and even longer since I’ve written you. Boy howdy, where do I even begin?

Well, first of all, right now it is 3:23 in the morning and I’m reclining on my love seat with my laptop on my lap and five candles on the table next to me while I think of all the things I want to tell you.

I’ve been having horrible sleep problems these past few weeks. Here is a recap of my sleep pattern for the last six days:

June 11: 3 hours
June 12: 3 hours
June 13: 3 hours
June 14: 3 hours
June 15: 6 hours
June 16: 2 hours

It might be me, but I’m thinking that’s not enough sleep. They say people should average 8-9 hours of sleep per night: it’s taking me three days to accomplish that.

My thyroid is bonkers again at the moment. I get that sometimes, and might have told you what happens to me when this scenario takes place. Last week, I lost four pounds in four days and yesterday, I lost three pounds overnight. While I know that this sounds wonderful to a lot of people, I have been complaining to you recently about being fat, and some of this is probably from hormone fluctuations and water retention, it is making me nuts.

I sure am complaining, eh? It’s just that I’m crazy hyper, my right arm (it has lymphedema, remember?) is really swollen and sore from gardening—I have to do something with all this extra energy—and I generally feel like a 100-year-old woman, I don’t dare complain too much. One of my closest aunts just died (from cancer) and I am one of the lucky ones that is still standing.

I will try to not be such a crabby-pants the next time I talk to you.

Best friends always,