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Mammograms & Mastectomies

March 12, 2011

Post-Mastectomy Sports

It’s no secret: our family loves basketball.

Since the mastectomy, I’ve had hardly any strength in my right arm and I’ve been a bit bummed about it. What’s a life without basketball, volleyball, or tennis?

On a recent trip to Orcas Island to watch my kids play in their league, we had an hour to kill. I thought, “Hey, I’ll shoot a 3. I can do it. I’ve done it countless times before in my prior life.” Three seconds later, I had to retrieve the ball that had missed the backboard by at least ten feet. Retrieving my dignity was another matter. I almost fell flat on my face trying to make that shot. A few of the girls on the team pretended not to see my near face-slam into the floor.

The other night, at the awards banquet for Jonathan, the youngest, I faced another basketball hoop. I started with a few right beneath the hoop. I backed up a foot at a time until I could make it.

Time for the 3-pointer. Miss. Try again. Miss. Try again. Swish. Holy cow. Amazing. Contain excitement. Try again. Miss. Try again. Swish. Two 3-pointers.

Yippee! I’m back in the game. I could hardly move for two days and I’m no Isaiah Thomas, but I did it.

Tennis anyone?


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February 22, 2011

Arm Exercises

Now that I have no strength left in my right arm (due to the mastectomy), I find myself twice as much wanting to do the following:

1. Play tennis.
2. Play basketball.
3. “Total Gym” my arms.
4. Go bowling.
5. Take drum lessons.


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February 18, 2011

Return to Nordstrom

When I got fitted for my prosthesis after the mastectomy a year ago, my Nordstrom friendly fitter told me I would need to come back for another appointment.

I wonder if I’m getting a new bra or a new prosthesis… probably a new boob because my other one is sagging. Oh wait, that’s my good boob. I wonder what they do for that?


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January 21, 2011

Marking Time

It was a year ago today that I had my mastectomy. I won’t be posting any pictures of that.


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October 14, 2010

Physical Therapy

I’m finally getting physical therapy for possible lymphedema this morning. Wish I was getting an all-over body massage at a spa in the Caribbean instead. One can always hope.


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