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Mammograms & Mastectomies

August 6, 2012

To-Do List #9

I am sitting in the lobby right now of the Women’s Diagnostic Center, wishing I was in so many other places right now than the one I’m in: cleaning a toilet, fighting horsetail in the garden, paying bills….

Oh look, they have books here. You buy one and the money gets donated to a worthy cause. “The Help.” I’ve always wanted to read that. Anything to get my mind off this medical procedure.

“Maria Ann de Haan?”

Gulp. I grabbed “The Help,” plunked my $2.00 on the counter, and followed the nurse to the back.

It was all over very quickly. That’s what happens when you only have one real boob left.

My to-do list has now been updated. “Wait for results of mammogram. Get a grip, woman.”


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August 3, 2012

To-Do List #8

My to-do list #8 is this:

Pick up the phone. Try not to drop the handset with my sweaty fingers. Hang it back up. Look up the number again. Dial it slowly. Tell the operator that I need to make an appointment. For a wretched mammogram. 

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July 12, 2012

To-Do List #4

1. Get a mammogram like the doctor told me to at least a month ago.
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June 1, 2011

Breast Reconstruction – Take 13

And once again, I’m making to-do lists for myself:

1. Make an appointment for a mammogram:
Scheduled for tomorrow morning at ten.

2. Make an appointment to have the port removed:
Scheduled for same time as breast reconstruction.

3. Make an appointment with the plastic surgeon for said breast reconstruction:
Been there, done that; surgery set for June 24.

4. Make an appointment with the president of Haagen-Dazs and see if he can hook me up; it’s going to be a stressful month of appointments.
I wonder if he would hand-deliver five different flavors to the hospital… one for each day I’ll be there.



April 14, 2011

Mammogram After Mastectomy

I was just wondering… do I get to pay half-price?


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