August 2015

August 2015

Phew, October is over. I love fall and all, but get sick of the hot pink plastered all over and the endless commercials for breast cancer. There are so many other cancers out there; why does breast cancer get the most airtime? Here is my list for this year:

1.  I fret almost daily over what I should be eating because I do not want a recurrence. Doctors and health professionals can’t agree on the optimum diet and yet, I’m supposed to know what to do?

2. I try not to hyperventilate every time I have PMS pain in my left breast. “Is it PMS or did my cancer come back?”

3. I still cannot concentrate on reading very well because my brain feels like it’s been destroyed. I keep waiting for it to come back full-throttle, but after seven years, I’m not sure that it is going to.

4. I have continued my massage therapy because I’m a bit terrified of lymphedema—which can be permanent.

5. I am the most thankful person ever over a new kitchen—fulfilling part of my bucket list—because I thought it would never happen.

6. When I hear the news that someone I know (or don’t know) has been diagnosed with cancer, my stomach drops into my shoes.

7. I continue to buy Smartwool socks at $15-25 per pair because they make my sensitive-from-chemo feet just plain happy.

8. When friends ask me to go out and I’m up to my ears in housework and other responsibilities, I drop everything and go to that movie and/or dinner with them. Sure beats going to the chemo center like we used to.

9. I am more thankful for the little things: like we used to tell our kids when they were little and struggling through trying to come up with a prayer, we’d tell them, “If you can’t think of anything else, be thankful for the fireplace and your warm bed.”

10. I treasure pictures like this one, because I thought I’d be long dead before my kids got to this fun age.