October 5, 2014 - In Marina, California

October 5, 2014 – In Marina, California

Today is Breast Cancer Awareness Day. As you know, I make a list on this day of all the reasons I—personally—am aware of breast cancer:

1. I am still seeing my massage therapist to prevent the lymphedema in my right arm (following a mastectomy) from getting any worse.

2. I am a little more aware of my bucket list than the average Joe.

3. I’ve grown my hair out this year, just because I can.

4. I wear too much eye makeup every day, because I treasure my eyelashes.

5.  To this day, I cannot watch the scene in “John Adams” where his daughter has a mastectomy (without painkillers!).

6. I am very aware of the women around me that have not been so fortunate in their own cancer journey.

7. I wonder, once again, why breast cancer gets more “air-time” than the rest of all the other cancers.

8. I’m very emotional every holiday, every get-together with family, every meeting with friends, because I didn’t think I would live this long.

9. I am very conscious of my weight/health, because I’d like to not go through the whole cancer experience again.

10. I still tiptoe through life waiting for the bomb to drop.