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Marie de Haan—wife, mother of three, piano teacher, songwriter, and writer—was leading an impossibly busy life. All of that changed when she was blindsided by a diagnosis of Stage III breast cancer. She got even busier. From chemotherapy and surgery to battles with the insurance company, tussles with her naturopath over the consumption of sugar to internal debate over whether or not to endure radiation, Cancer Is A Funny Thing details how Marie handled these issues: with humor and grace. And Häagen-Dazs chocolate mint ice cream.

July 23, 2020

That’s Not Something You Read Every Day #13

This is a form I just submitted to the imaging place in Kirkland that is supposed to perform my MRI tomorrow.

Here is what I could have said:
“THIS BETTER BE AN OPEN MRI MACHINE, YOU HEAR ME?!!!! The last “scheduler” that told me the one in Bellingham was an open MRI was a big, fat liar.”
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July 23, 2020

That’s Not Something You See Every Day #12

Fitbit StepsNo wonder I feel like an addlepated slug lately. Since February, when this shoulder injury first began, I think I was averaging 250 steps per day.

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July 18, 2020

Life & Its Curve Balls

I just can’t stop playing in the dirt. It brings back my childhood.

It also brings back all the hours I spent with my flowers thinking/dreading that I was going to die of cancer “in six months.” That was over ten years ago.

Then, there were the countless hours I spent with the kids when they were little—in the years before my cancer diagnosis—trying to make a go of my flower stand “Wayside Wisteria Theme Gardens.” My goal was to exploit child labor…uh, I mean make the yard pretty and teach them about good business practices. Well, after cancer hit, I had to give it up.

It’s been kind of an emotional few weeks for me. That’s super easy to do when you’re running on an average of three hours of sleep every night because of a sore shoulder.

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July 16, 2020

That’s Not Something You See Every Day #11

Side pony tail.
Clip pulling hair back.

Bun at the nape of the neck (with husband’s help).

It takes about as much time to do my hair as it does to get a project done in the garden.

I want my body to go back to normal. And yes, I realize that normal is a relative term.
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July 11, 2020

That’s Not Something You See Every Day #10

I’ve been doing a ton of gardening—9,000 steps, 12,000 steps, 21,000 steps—and a lot of complaining (sorry) about my sore shoulder.
But, can we just take a moment to notice all the new hairstyles I’ve managed to come up with because I can’t lift my arm?
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